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Air Volume 


MBM Air Volume Tanks

The air volume tank is an important element of the air compression system which acts as a storage of immense pressure gases. So they must be built to be exceptionally durable, strong, and safe.

MBM AVT is designed, developed, and manufactured in-house by using cutting-edge technology and a team of expert engineers to meet the requirements of the customer. MBM also offers maintenance services of Air volume tank on-site and off-site scenario.

1. MBM Air volume tanks : ASME / DOSH / PED / ASTM / API / GOST-R

MBM Air Volume Tank is designed and manufactured by following ASTM/ASME SECTION VIII DIV 1 standards. MBM provides precise design calculation of air volume tank and provides the production of air volume tanks as per customers' needs. MBM is capable of manufacturing air volume tank up to pressure 100 bar. MBM Air Volume Tank ranges from 05 liters to 25000 liters. MBM Air Volume Tank is manufactured by using a different grade of materials like IS 2062, IS 2002, SA 516 grade material, Pressure Boiler material, carbon steel & Stainless Steel material.

2. MBM Air volume tanks : U & R Stamped Air Tanks

MBM Automation & Robotics holds the ASME U-Stamp which gives us the ability to manufacture and work on unfired pressure vessels. MBM acquired the ASME U-stamp in 2016. The U-Stamp represents ASME's section VIII Division 1; rules for the construction of pressure vessels. In order to obtain the U-Stamp, MBM was required to meet ASME's guidelines for the design, fabrication, inspection, and testing of Air tanks. In order to maintain U-stamp, we regularly update our procedures and fabrication processes while undergoing routine examinations and inspections. MBM Automation & Robotics holds the ASME U-Stamp authorizing us to do alterations and repairs to pressure vessels in our facility or on field sites. MBM Automation & Robotics have WPS, PQR, and WPQ welding qualifications as per ASME/ASTM to maintain standards and overall quality of MBM AVT

Product certification

  • ASME U&R Stamp

  • PED/CE-Certification


  • DOSH

  • CRN

Contact MBM Automation and Robotics for Air volume tank and Pressure Vessels that Meet the Required Standards

MBM Automation is one of the leading manufacturers of Air Volume Tank and Passive Fire Protection Products located in Pune, India. For manufacturing, air volume tank drop an email on

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