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Steel Fireproof


MBMRigid® Steel Fireproof Enclosure

MBMRigid® is a Fireproof Steel Enclosure that is designed, developed, and manufactured by MBM Automation and Robotics. MBM Fireproof Steel Enclosure offers total protection to internal equipment from fire.

MBM Fire safe enclosure is design for passive fire protection for the period of 30 minutes as per UL 1709 standards hydrocarbon pool fire. Tested at South Korea Lab and certified

Our fireproof steel enclosures consist of ceramic fiber wool which is fire resistant in nature and is assembled in between panels wall which helps the enclosure to withstand and sustain at high temperatures for a period of time.

MBM Fireproof Steel Enclosure is innovative and modular in construction which makes it openable from all sides.

The inventive design of the Fireproof steel enclosure makes it easy to install and its toggle clamp feature helps in quick disassembly for maintenance which reduces the downtime in operations and maintains the overall productivity of the plant.

MBM fireproof enclosure is mounted on the steam extension bracket. It is fixed with nuts & bolts. MBM fireproof enclosure can be assembled on-site after the valve & actuator installed on the pipeline. All the panels of the MBM fireproof enclosure are assembled by bolts & nuts. The manual handwheel can be inside of MBM fireproof enclosure or outside of MBM fireproof enclosures depends upon the client's requirement.

Advantages of MBMRigid®

  • All 6 sides of the panel are openable.

  • Excellent weather protection against climatic conditions.

  • High durability.

  • Good product life.

  • Can be installed on-site easily.

Areas of Application for MBMRigid®

  • Pneumatic Actuator. 

  • Electric Actuator.

  • Valve body cover. 

  • Air tank.

Product certification

  • UL 1709 hydrocarbon Pool Fire rapid rise fire test 1100°C for 30 minutes.  

  • API RP2218/ BS476-20/ ISO22899/ API607/ QTI95634

PFP Duration

  • 30 minutes

Lab Test Photos

  • UL 1709 Hydrocarbon Pool Fire 


Before Test


After Test

  • ISO 22899 Jet Fire


Before Test


Before Test


After Test



Contact MBM Automation and Robotics for your customized MBM Steel Fireproof Enclosure which meets your Passive Fire Protection Requirments.

MBM Automation is one of the leading manufacturers and exporter of Steel Fireproof Enclosure and other Passive Fire Protection Products located in Pune, India. For manufacturing, alteration, and repair drop an email at

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