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Flexible Fireproof


MBMFlexi® Flexible Fireproof Jacket

MBMFlexi® is a fireproof jacket that acts as a shell to protect devices and controlling equipment from accidental fire.

MBMFlexi® is directly installed on the equipment body and accessories with Stainless steel modular frame constructed around it. This assembly creates enclosed space for equipment which helps to minimize the danger and damage caused by accidental fire spread in refinery plants, oil platforms, petrochemical plants, thermal power plants, electrical, shipbuilding, and defense plants.

MBMFlexi® Fireproof system consists of multi-layers of ceramic fiber blanket separated by alumina foil & ceramic wool and is fastened through belts and buckles made up of stainless steel.

The innovative design of MBMFlexi® assembly and disassembly of the jacket is simple and hassle-free which can be carried out by both trained and untrained professionals for maintenance work without any additional tools and equipment.

MBM Flexible Fireproof Jackets are designed and developed to withstand high temperatures which range from 270° C  to 1400 ° depending upon the requirement and fire scenario for equipment.

MBM Flexible Fireproof Jackets is designed and manufactured in such a way that it enables easy handling and transport of jacket to site location.

MBMFlexi® is tested and is certified which guarantees complete protection of equipment and control system from passive fire and keeps them safe and operational for a period of time.

MBMFlexi® for Cable trays

Insulation for pipeline & cable trays same as per MBMFlexi® it will also contain the multilayers of the Aluminized cloth, Ceramic Blanket. It will be directly mounted with a ceramic fiber belt & Stainless-Steel buckles. The jacket thickness will depend upon the temperature criteria.​

Advantages of MBMFlexi®

  • Light in weight and easy to handle 

  • No skilled professional is required for the assembly of the jacket.

  • Hassle-free installation and replacement without disturbing the operations of plants

  • The material used is harmless and free of harmful minerals like asbestos offshoots etc.

  • MBM Flexi can withstand all weather conditions.

  • The material used is UV resistant and chemical resistant.

Areas of Application for MBMFlexi®

  • Pneumatic Actuator 

  • Electric Actuator

  • Valve body

  • Pipeline 

  • Flanges 

  • Air tank 

  • Cable tray

  • Control Cabinet

Product certification

  • Hydrocarbon Pool Fire: UL 1709 / ASTM E1529 / API RP 2218.

  • Jet Fire: ISO22899 Part 1 & 2 / OTI HSE 95634.

PFP Duration

  • 30 minutes to 120 minutes.

Lab Testing Photos

  • UL 1709 Hydrocarbon Pool Fire 


Before Test


After Test

 Cable Tray 

Ul Before.jpg

Before Test

Ul After.jpg

After Test

  • ISO 22899 Jet Fire

ISO22899 Before.jpg

Before Test

ISO 22899 after.jpg

After Test

 Cable Tray 


Before Test


Mid Test


After Test



Contact MBM Automation and Robotics for your customized Passive Fireproof Jacket which meets your Passive Fire Protection Requirements.

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