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Intumescent Fireproof


MBMCoat® Intumescent Fireproof Coating

MBMCoat® is a fireproof jacket that acts as a shell to protect devices and controlling equipment from accidental fire.

MBMCoat® consists of a 15± 3 mm thick epoxy Intumescent coat, Intumescent coat composition consists of four major components an acid source that is non-volatile in nature, a Carbonaceous compound to store hydroxyl radicals, foaming compounds, and binding Resins. These four component of the Intumescent coat form a layer which when exposed to the heat source, results in increased volume and decreased density which leads to swelling of the coat.

MBMCoat® Intumescent coat and is applied on the surface of the equipment which results in an aesthetically pleasing surface and makes the equipment fire-resistant capable to withstand high temperatures during the external fire spread.

MBMCoat® is capable to withstand temperature up to 1100° C for 30 min. The MBM coating system of the Intumescent PFP system can be used for any type of valve actuator. The topcoat of MBMCoat is of red color and can be customized as per requirement.

MBMCoat® can be installed on existing, new, or the same actuators at the site without any modification of the actuator, and the access door is provided on the push button and lamb for easy operation. MBMCoat® not only protects from passive but also protects the surface from corrosion due to its anti-corrosive properties.

Advantages of MBMCoat®

  • MBM Coating increases the life of the surface due to its anti-corrosive property. 

  • MBM Coating is easy to install and easy to maintain.

  • MBM Coating can be installed on-site and off-site.

  • No additional installation space is required at the site

  • ASTM 1529 / UL 1709 / BS476-20 AND API 607 standard fire test 1100°C for 30 min criteria. Quick delivery.

  • No modification to the actuator required.

Areas of Application for MBMCoat®

  • Pneumatic Actuator  

  • Electric Actuator  

  • Valve body covers

  • Electrical & Pneumatic Junction Box  

  • Cable trays. Flanges, etc.

Additional accessories for MBMCoat®

MBM Coat is provided with additional high-temperature glass for viewing of internal ON/OFF switch and electrical components​

Product certification

  • ASTM 1529/UL 1709 hydrocarbon pool 

PFP Duration

  • 30 minutes To 120 minutes

Lab Test Photos

  • UL 1709 Hydrocarbon Pool Fire 

MBM Coat UL 1709 before.bmp

Before Test

MBM Coat UL 1709 after.bmp

After Test



Contact MBM Automation and Robotics for your customized Passive Fireproof Jacket which meets your Passive Fire Protection Requirements.

MBM Automation is one of the leading manufacturers and exporter of Intumescent fireproof coating and other Passive Fire Protection Products located in Pune, India. For customized Passive Fireproof Jacket give drop an email at 

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